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Turkey Basting: My Journey To Single Motherhood

Turkey Basting: My Journey to Chosen Single Motherhood

Here’s the skinny: I want a baby. I don’t want a relationship. Since I’m not planning on doing like they do on the Discovery Channel, I’m going to have to rely on science. This is that journey.

Episode 1:

To Kid or Not To Kid – Making the decision to become a mother.

Episode 2:

Frequently Asked Questions – A little bit of background and what you can expect as a reader.

Episode 3:

Infertility? – My first appointment with the…infertility doc? No! I’m fertile, goddamit.

Episode 4:

It Take A Village – My support system. Or, the reason my child will be in therapy forever.

Episode 5:

The Long Wait – The emotional cost of trying to have a baby was a larger weight than I thought it would be.


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